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About PySSE

PySSE stands for Python Simple Site Engine. It consists in a relatively small Python script - to be used with mod_python - and a set of XML and associated XSL files. It is meant to serve as a generator for small, personal sites.

PySSE was initially written over a few months, going through different incarnations (including pure XML + XSLT as well as a PHP version) as a way to display my personnal page, but was then used by Julie Bourbeillon for her own site. The original versions required poking around in the XSL in order to customise the site's layout and appearance, which caused quite a few synchronisation headaches. Because of this, PySSE was recently rewritten to allow for a more flexible, easier to customise configuration.


There isn't much documentation for PySSE at this stage, but the following pages should help:


The current version of PySSE can be downloaded from the download page; older versions are also provided for future reference and general amusement.


Contributions to PySSE are welcome, especially in the form of translations of the core strings; at the moment, only English and French strings are provided. Before you proceed, please take a look at the future plans.