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This is an old page

I have completely stopped working on this project; the page below describes what it was meant to be.


This project is meant to replace the PHP interface that comes with Dia2Postgres ; while it was originally started using PHP 4, the messy OO interface made it impossible to continue without switching to PHP 5.

It consists in a set of classes to be loaded and initialized whenever a session is started, be it a new session or an already existing session. Those classes allow the programmer to define classes that mirror tables from a Postgres database.
Each instance of these classes is able to access to a single row and allows the user to read and modify rows directly through an instance's properties.


The final version should offer the following features :


IMPORTANT NOTE: this project is still in its early stages. DO NOT use it in a production environment. For now, please avoid reporting bugs, since the code you are talking about may disappear at any time.